Institute of Molecular Medicine and Biochemical Engineering

103 Year Master exam enrollment waiting list

  • 2014-03-25

List and report precautions Master exam school year enrollment waiting list, 103 103 years from now until March 19 (three) to complete the registration formalities before 16:00 I. Registration Time: 9:00 am ~ 12:00 or 02:00 ~ 05:00 pm Second, Place: Experimental Hall Room 117 Third, the need to bring the following information when you register to report: 1 original diploma 2-inch color photos of the two. ※ report were deemed not to give up, the shortfall will be waiting list, order replacement registration report. Biotechnology Group B Hong Jia Ru 4,520,014 4,520,147 4,520,084 Yen Hsun Huang Yu Yuan Luo Chi Chi 4,520,088 4,520,066 Xie Minzhe   Biotechnology Group C 4530014 Jane Zhong Fu Institute of Molecular Medicine and Biological Engineering 4540027 4540022 Zhongbing Xuan Liu Huai Yuan ※ In order to accelerate the replacement operating system will not send another notice! Please check the department website own announcement to avoid damage interests. If you want to give up please reply MAIL told.